Thank you for helping us celebrate The American Law Institute's 100th Anniversary.

Most lawyers remember the Restatements of Contracts or Torts from law school, but do not realize the depth of the body of work produced by ALI and its profound influence on American law. ALI is the leading independent organization in the United States producing scholarly work to clarify, modernize, and improve the law, and providing unbiased clarity, stability, consistency, and fairness in the administration of justice by promoting and protecting the rule of law.

ALI clarifies the most complex areas of law through rigorous and deliberative debate, maintaining a culture of collaboration throughout the process. Today, the law is more complex than our founders ever imagined. This trend shows no signs of slowing down, and yet our work remains as relevant today as it was when the first Restatement was published, making ALI’s work more essential than ever. You can learn about our storied history and influence on our timeline.

Our work is influential because our members and project participants devote their time and talent to our rigorous drafting process in order to ensure the final product is of exceptional quality. Additionally, our work is trusted because it is not subject to outside influences. That independence can be safeguarded only with sufficient financial resources. This is why we hope that you will support our Second Century Campaign. With a goal of $35 million, a successful campaign will establish a solid financial foundation for ALI's future without compromising its independence. Our generous donors have already helped us raise over $30 million toward our goal. 

I hope that you'll browse our website to learn more, and consider a donation to the Second Century Campaign to help us celebrate our legacy and secure our future.

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ALI President
David F. Levi

ALI's Second Century Campaign

Our 100th Anniversary is a wonderful opportunity to think about how to ensure that our successors, 100 years from now, will be in at least as good a position as we now are to plan for their next century.

Please consider supporting ALI’s Second Century Campaign. Your donation, no matter the size, will help ensure that ALI has the resources necessary to remain a cornerstone of the rule of law for our second century and beyond.


Celebrating Our 100th Anniversary

ALI members reflect on the first 100 years of the Institute and look ahead to what they hope the next century will bring in the video below.

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“We want to help assure the financial strength of the ALI so that it can continue to work on projects which may be controversial and not attractive to outside donors. The ALI's independence is essential to its integrity.”

Conrad and Marsha Harper