‘Uninvited Guests’ by Donald Glazer

‘Uninvited Guests’ by Donald Glazer

Donald Wayne Glazer of Goodwin Procter has authored Uninvited Guests, a book of poetry.

From the book’s description:

This debut collection of poems, composed with no thought to commercial publication and discovered by Green Writers Press by happenstance, addresses events in the poet’s life that every reader can relate to — friendships, the beginning, middle, and end of romantic relationships, and the death of a loved one. And they do so with “stiletto-sharp” metaphors — “rosebuds stillborn in the falling snow” — and wry observations — “Trying Again: Like an old shoe comfortable for a while but still causing blisters” — that evoke from the reader a knowing nod and sometimes an outright laugh. Short, disarming, crafted with carefully calibrated rhythms and innovative rhymes, these poems “skulk in the grass” and, while your guard is down, “barge right in” to your consciousness, uninvited guests.

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