ALI is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization incorporated in the District of Columbia. Its Certificate of Incorporation was filed in 1923.

Certificate of Incorporation

ALI’s Bylaws cover matters such as membership, meetings, Council, committees, officers, and approval of the ALI’s work.


The Council is authorized to make rules not inconsistent with the Bylaws. The Rules of the Council deal with membership classes, dues, duties of officers, Council and committee meetings, and fiscal affairs, among other topics.

Council Rules

To maintain ALI’s reputation for thoughtful, disinterested analysis of legal issues, members are expected to leave client interests at the door.

Council Rule 4.03

ALI expects all those who hold a position of responsibility or trust in the Institute to conduct their duties in accord with the best interests of the Institute and high ethical standards. The Conflicts of Interest Policy covers conflicts relating to ALI projects and to contracts or other transactions, as well as the acceptance of favors and gifts.

Conflicts of Interest Policy

Conflicts of interest that may result from the Director’s and Reporters’ professional engagements outside ALI are governed by the Policy Statement and Procedures on Conflicts of Interest with Respect to Institute Projects. Members of an Advisory Committee, a Members Consultative Group, and the Council also are expected to observe the policies stated in the first paragraph of the Procedures.

Conflicts of Interest with Respect to Institute Projects