Elected Member

Robert E. Welsh

Philadelphia, PA
Welsh & Recker, P.C.
University of Delaware
Villanova University School of Law

Robert Welsh is an attorney at Welsh & Recker. He has spent almost 31 years in the federal criminal justice system, including six years as an Assistant United States Attorney and twenty-three years as a criminal defense lawyer. As a defense lawyer, he has focused on the defense of white collar and economic criminal investigations, including antitrust, trade and embargo regulations, fraud matters, securities cases, criminal tax matters, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act cases and matters involving the pharmaceutical industry.

Increasingly, those facing criminal investigation or prosecution simultaneously face parallel proceedings such as SEC formal investigations or enforcement proceedings, False Claims Act cases or other similar enforcement proceedings. As a result, Mr. Welsh has defended numerous “quasi-criminal” or civil penalty proceedings and routinely addresses the dilemmas attendant to such parallel proceedings.

A theme in Mr. Welsh’s practice is that it is critical to be able to effectively and efficiently litigate all manner of government cases because if one is to effectively negotiate or seek declination of charges one must demonstrate the ability to try a case to verdict. As a result, he has tried many and varied cases to verdict.

In addition, Mr. Welsh has argued before the federal appellate courts on many occasions, including before the United States Supreme Court.

Mr. Welsh currently serves as an Adviser on the Restatement of the Law, Charitable Nonprofit Organizations. 

Areas of Expertise
White Collar Crime (Criminal Law)
Criminal Law
Tax Law
Securities Law
Antitrust Law
Economic Torts (Tort Law)
Fraud & Deceit (Tort Law)