‘Health Law and Anti-Racism: Reckoning and Response’ Symposium

The University of Pennsylvania is co-sponsoring the Health Law and Anti-Racism: Reckoning and Response symposium, which will explore aspects of health law and anti-racist teaching and practice.

Excerpted from the event page:

Law and racism are intertwined, with legal tools bearing the potential to serve as instruments of oppression or equity. This symposium will explore the dual nature of health law, with attention to policing in the context of mental health, schools, and substance use disorders; industry and the environment in the context of food advertising, tobacco regulation, worker safety, and environmental racism; health care and research in the context of infant mortality, bias in medical applications of AI, and diverse inclusion in research; and anti-racist teaching and practice in the context of building an interprofessional curriculum and medical-legal partnerships.

The symposium will take place on March 30 from 12:30pm to 5:30pm ET at the World Forum at the Perry World House. A tentative agenda is available here. ALI members participating in the panels are below.

  • Michele Bratcher Goodwin of UC Irvine School of Law
  • Elizabeth Pendo of Saint Louis University School of Law
  • Theodore Ruger of University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School
  • Christopher S. Yoo of University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School

To learn more and register, visit the event page.

Featured Members