John Cooke Named 11th Director of the Federal Judicial Center

John G. Roberts, Jr., Chief Justice of the United States, announced today that the Board of the Federal Judicial Center has selected Deputy Director John S. Cooke to be the eleventh director of the Federal Judicial Center.

Chief Justice Roberts, who chairs the Board of the Federal Judicial Center, stated, “The Board selected John Cooke from a number of exemplary candidates. John has won extensive praise over the past 13 years as deputy director of the Center. He has strong leadership skills and unparalleled knowledge of the Center's programs. The Board is confident that Deputy Director Cooke will be a worthy successor to Judge Jeremy Fogel, whom I thank for his seven years of dedicated service as the Center's director.” Judge Fogel will complete his service as director in September 2018, and he has accepted the position of Executive Director, Berkeley Judicial Institute, University of California School of Law.

Upon being notified of his selection, Deputy Director Cooke said, “I am humbled and deeply honored, and I am excited about this opportunity to serve.” He expects to undertake his new responsibilities in September 2018.


View the full press release here.

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