PEB Policy

PEB Policy on Reproduction of the UCC

  1. No license fee or royalty will be required for:
    1. Reproduction for use by legislative committees.
    2. Reproduction in the official publication (by state law) of a state’s statutes.
    3. Reasonable, limited, and selective quotation in scholarly, analytical, and critical discussions, e.g., in law reviews and texts.
    4. Publication, in advance of adoption, of a proposed draft of an amendment or addition to the Code’s statutory text or official comments.
  2. Except as provided above, there will be a license fee or royalty for reproduction, in whole or in part, of the Code’s statutory text or official comments, or of the PEB Commentaries, in individual works in print or electronic form, to be fixed on the basis of the purpose and extent of use, the size of the work, the author’s royalty, if any, and the retail price and expected distribution of the work. In the case of publishers of a variety of works on the Code, a flat license fee for all use may be arranged.

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