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Principles of the Law

Data Privacy

This project aims to provide a framework for regulating data privacy and for duties and responsibilities—best practices—for entities that process personal data.

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    Official Text
    192 pages, 2020, #1PDPOT

    The Principles of the Law, Data Privacy, are designed to guide the protection of data privacy. Information privacy law concerns the collection, use, and disclosure of personal information. Entities that collect such information are subject to many different statutes and regulations that lack conceptual harmony. This work identifies core principles useful for bringing greater coherence to the area and provides best practices for institutions other than the courts—in this case, entities that collect personal information and the legislatures and administrative agencies, state and federal, that regulate them. These Principles are valuable when addressing the difficult questions raised by the pervasive use of personal data, including questions of public health and the financial and personal safety of individuals.

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