Principles of the Law,

Transnational Civil Procedure

This work is a response to the need for a universal set of procedures that transcends national jurisdictional rules and facilitates the resolution of disputes arising from transnational commercial transactions. The ALI and UNIDROIT (the International Institute for the Unification of Private Law) launched this project to create a set of procedural rules and principles that would be adopted globally. The aim of this work is to reduce uncertainty for parties litigating in unfamiliar surroundings and to promote fairness in judicial proceedings. As recognized standards of civil justice, this work can be used in judicial proceedings as well as in arbitration. It is a significant contribution to the promotion of a universal rule of procedural law. 

Published by Cambridge University Press, the official text includes the Principles, with commentary, in both English and French; an appendix Reporters’ Study containing Rules, with commentary, which is the Reporters’ model implementation of the Principles; a bibliography of writings about the project; and a comprehensive index.

The official text is available from Cambridge University Press.

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