ABCs of the UCC, Article 4A: Funds Transfers, Fourth Edition

ABCs of the UCC, Article 4A: Funds Transfers, Fourth Edition

Thomas C. Baxter of Law Offices of Thomas C. Baxter, Jr., Jess Cheng of Wilson Sonsini, and Stephanie A. Heller of The Clearing House Payments Company are coauthors on ABCs of the UCC, Article 4A: Funds Transfers, Fourth Edition, an updated book edition on UCC Article 4A.

From the book’s description:

The ABCs of the UCC series covers articles of the Uniform Commercial Code to make the UCC more accessible for both practitioners and students. In this fourth edition of ABCs of the UCC Article 4A: Funds Transfers, leading experts provide basic concepts and operation of Article 4A in a simple, straightforward style. This updated edition includes significant developments in case law and important amendments to the Uniform Commercial Code promulgated in 2022 to address emerging technologies.

The guide is an introduction to Article 4A and walks you through each step of a large-dollar, wholesale funds transfer and explains the rights and obligations of each party in the transfer. It also explores what happens when things go wrong in a funds transfer and how Article 4A assigns liability, rights, and responsibilities.

As a useful tool, this primer will help you understand:

  • The laws governing and legal mechanics involved in funds transfers

  • Article 4A terminology

  • Funds-Transfer Systems, including Fedwire Funds Service, CHIPS Service, and more

  • Originator's and intermediary banks--acceptance and execution of payment orders

  • How the bank accepts a payment order

  • Cancellation and amendment of payment orders

  • Liability for fraud losses

  • Liability for errors

  • And much more!

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