The Lipton Archive

The Lipton Archive

The Delaware Corporation Law Resource Center (Delaware CLRC) has developed a new website, The Lipton Archive, to house the collection of Martin Lipton’s memos to clients, formal articles, and other materials “that might be of interest to professors planning syllabuses, and historical content that is relevant to research, in both academic settings and practice.”

Lipton, a founding partner of Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz, specializes in advising major corporations on mergers and acquisitions and matters affecting corporate policy and strategy.

From the website:

From the outset, Marty Lipton has taken an unusually scholarly approach for a busy corporate lawyer, one that reflects his belief that the law will better serve the public interest if practitioners, academics, and policymakers share ideas and learn from each other in a respectful, ongoing dialogue. His memos and articles catalogue the most important corporate governance issues arising during his distinguished career, and his contributions have shaped the direction of legal policy and scholarship in the United States. In his legal work, writings, and public service, Marty Lipton has been and continues to be a powerful advocate for corporate social responsibility, the fair treatment of American workers and other corporate stakeholders, and the recognition that our nation can only live up to its full promise if its economic system includes all Americans in the blessings of prosperity.

Viewers can search the contents of the collection by keywords, SSRN topics, and date. The Delaware CLRC intends to update the collection with Lipton’s ongoing work and additional materials.

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