Policing, Racism, and the Law Webinar

On Thursday, June 11, Minnesota Law held a free webinar on “Policing, Racism, and the Law,” which featured discussion on current issues surrounding policing policy and racial injustice. Panelists include Minnesota Law Dean Garry W. Jenkins and Minnesota Law Professor Maria Ponomarenko, who serves as Associate Reporter for Principles of the Law, Policing.  

From the event description,   

Justice for Black Americans, people of color, marginalized groups, and for the America of our highest ideals will depend on all of us to work collaboratively to change institutions and practices so that equity and equality are fully realized. This discussion will focus on policing and the law in addition to exploring current realities, policy, and legal solutions to racial violence and bias in policing. It will feature Dean Garry Jenkins, Professor Susanna Blumenthal, Professor Perry Moriearty, Professor Maria Ponomarenko, and Nadine Graves with "We Are All Criminals."  

Watch the full presentation here

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