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Government Ethics

This project seeks to enunciate a set of principles or best practices that will both reflect the emerging law of government ethics and provide guidelines to shape its future development. The project will focus on standards applicable to the operations of the legislative and executive branches.
Specific topics will include lobbying, gifts and other things of value given to public officials, conflicts of interest involving the private activities of public officials, the political uses of public office, and administration and enforcement mechanisms.
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At its meeting on October 20 and 21, 2022, the Council approved Council Draft No. 8 containing Chapter 1, Purpose, Scope, and Definitions; and Chapter 3, Conflicts of Interest and Outside Activities of Public Servants, subject to review of a revised version of § 303 by a small group of Council members. If the group is satisfied that the revised version reflects the discussion at the meeting, no additional approval by the Council will be required.

At the 2021 Annual Meeting, membership voted to approve Tentative Draft No. 3, which includes a portion of Chapter 5, Restrictions on Leaving or Entering Public Service (§§ 5.01(d), 514, 515); Chapter 6, Disclosure; and Chapter 7, Administration and Enforcement of Ethics Provisions.

Portions of Chapter 4 (The Election-Related Activities of Public Servants) were approved at 2015 Annual Meeting.

Chapter 2 (Gifts from and Financial Relationships with Prohibited Sources) and four Sections of Chapter 5 were approved at the 2018 Annual Meeting.

All draft approvals are subject to the discussion at the meeting and usual editorial prerogative.

For an in-depth description of this project, please visit the Government Ethics page on The ALI Adviser

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