Restatement of the Law Third,

Conflict of Laws

This project will reexamine the increasingly important subject of conflict of laws in light of significant legal developments in the field since the influential Restatement Second was published in 1971.
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At its meeting on October 20 and 21, 2022, the Council approved Council Draft No. 7, which contained §§ 5.20 to 5.24 of Topic 3, Substance-Procedure Distinction, of Chapter 5, Choice of Law; and §§ 6.01 to 6.10 of Topic 1, General Rules, of Chapter 6, Torts.

At the 2022 Annual Meeting, the membership voted to approve Tentative Draft No. 3, which includes §§ 5.01 to 5.06 from Chapter 5, Choice of Law, Introduction.

At the 2021 Annual Meeting, a motion to recommit § 1.03(1) and related Comments failed. The membership voted to approve Tentative Draft No. 2, which includes Chapter 1, Introduction; Chapter 2, Domicile; and Chapter 5, Choice of Law, Topic 2, Foreign Law (Introductory Comment, §§ 5.06-5.08).

All draft approvals are subject to the discussion at the meeting and usual editorial prerogative.

For an in-depth description of this project, please visit the Conflict of Laws page of The ALI Adviser.

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